Interview for European Urban Knowledge Network

Questions and answers for the website of the European Urban Knowledge Network

EUKN shares knowledge and experience on tackling urban issues. The key objective is to enhance the exchange of knowledge and expertise on urban development throughout Europe, bridging urban policy, research and practice. 13 EU Member States (National Focal Points), EUROCITIES, the URBACT Programme and the European Commission participate in this European initiative.

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Berlusconi reviews 5Is

Well, Giulia Berlusconi actually! In European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, online first.

“The clarity of the style makes the book enjoyable and allows the author’s reasoning to be easily followed. In Chapter 7, Ekblom identifies ground-level practitioners, delivery
managers, and policy makers as his principal audience. Given the extensive use of
examples from past crime-prevention projects, his book is actually a valid support for each
of these three groups in their work. The book may also be attractive to researchers and students in applied criminology, as the 5Is Framework is not only a practical, but also a research, tool.”

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Review – Professional Security Feb 2011

A positive review. I note the point about more images needed. This will be addressed in project to produce an online 5Is guide. Any interest in collaboration, please contact me at

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Capturing Knowledge

Presentation for book launch 14 December 2010

5Is launchlong

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5Is book – publication

The book was published on 26 November 2010. See

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This is a blog to accompany my book

Crime Prevention, Security and Community Safety using the 5Is Framework

published by Palgrave Macmillan November 2010. Currently available material on 5Is is at > Methodology & Resources > Crime Frameworks > List & Description although I am continuing to load stuff on this blog.

The website for the whole Crime Prevention and Security Management Series is

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