Graphic and spreadsheet versions of 5Is

5Is framework – a graphic and spreadsheet prototype

March 2015

I’m experimenting with various graphical means of presenting 5Is. This version uses XMind to show the framework at variable levels of detail to suit the user. A jpeg version of the collapsed diagram is here, and the fully-expanded one here.  Best to read is a semi-interactive (expanding/collapsing) html version in Dropbox here (on the Dropbox page, click the Download button top right) or with limited functionality here (click on the numbers on the right to expand, click on the junctions of lines to collapse).

The best way of editing the diagram is to download the free version of XMind which will enable you to expand and collapse branches at will, to modify the branches, add notes etc in a limited way. If you are using an official computer with restrictions on software installation, you can download a free standalone version which can sit on a hard drive or data stick.

You can download the Xmind graphic file of 5Is here. If you do any modifications, please circulate as ‘modified from original on’. 

XMind can export to Excel and a spreadsheet equivalent of the 5Is diagram is here.

I would be interested in feedback on the utility of the diagram/spreadsheet; your suggestions for modified or radically alternative diagrammatic representation of 5Is; and whether you think any alternative graphical software platforms to XMind might be better. Also whether any alternative spreadsheet layouts might be helpful.

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