Definitive material

This page contains links to current definitive documentation of 5Is.

The 5Is book

Ekblom, P. (2011) Crime Prevention, Security and Community Safety Using the 5Is Framework. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Contains latest definitions, headings etc. Contents, Chapter 1 and Index are available to download here (‘Free preview’).

Master list of headings for 5Is

This is the latest master list of headings and subheadings for 5Is, consistent with the 5Is book as at November 2010.

Clickable endnote links from the book

To save laborious copying of the URLs in the endnotes to the 5Is book, this document contains clickable hyperlinks

All headings from book


5Is in other languages

2 Responses to Definitive material

  1. Rebecca Jarratt says:


    Firstly, the links within the top section of this page on The 5is Book are not working. “Page not found”.

    Secondly, great blog. I am a Planning student exploring the implementation of CPTED in the UK and the barriers to successful schemes. Education, competing priorities, a lack of ownership/responsibility, and over-simplification all seem to be important factors. This page has been very helpful in showing this is recognised and there are ideas on how to overcome this, but the message doesn’t seem to be being heard loudly, certainly within the planning profession.

    • Paul Ekblom says:

      Hi Rebecca – thanks for pointing that out, hopefully have fixed it. If you’d like a copy of the (Word version) of the 5Is book let me know at Do keep in touch on implementation of CPTED, also check out Rachel Armitage and Leanne Monchuk at Applied Criminology Huddersfield Uni. Cheers Paul

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