This is a blog to accompany the book

Crime Prevention, Security and Community Safety using the 5Is Framework

published by Palgrave Macmillan 2011.  The website for the whole Crime Prevention and Security Management Series is here. A pre-publication Word version of the book is now here.

What is the 5Is framework?

5Is is a sophisticated and carefully-designed framework, centred on a process model, for capturing, consolidating and sharing knowledge of good practice in crime prevention. Its purpose is to improve performance, scope and delivery of crime prevention practice locally, nationally and internationally, enabling smarter responses with reduced resources. It has wider applicability: as a fundamental platform for crime prevention education and training, guiding process evaluation, structuring and assessing bids for funding of preventive action and managing crime prevention projects.  5Is seeks to build on existing ‘simplified’ crime prevention process models such as SARA in Problem-Oriented Policing; but to go far beyond this and enable practitioners and researchers to handle the messy complexity of real-life practice in a more systematic, sophisticated and innovative way that promises to be more effective in building their capacity.

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